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There is an emerging trend of organizations adapting Mental Heath into their existing Health and Safety workplace policies or developing an entirely new mental Health Workplace Wellness plan to address to these issues in the work environment.

Acede Consulting has been developing these plans and policies with some Ontario based organizations.

Including a mental health mandate in your corporate structure, demonstrates acknowledgement, leadership, and commitment to their valued employees.

A Mental Health Wellness Plan is typically too large of an undertaking for one or two in-house individuals to develop. From an initial needs assessment to executing a successful campaign and measuring success, Acede has developed a proven step by step organization for organizations with 100 or more employees, lightening the potential work load from in-house staff. Day to day management, development of resources, training and program roll-out all falls with in Acede core competencies.

To discover why your medium to large size organization would benefit from such a plan, and to discuss steps involved in Acede Consulting preparing a proposal for a tailor-made program in your workplace, please email Danielle Trubela